Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a very common method used nowadays to optimize website content. It uses and showcases the keywords, images, and texts in a manner which makes it easy to be searched by the search engines. SEO optimization works in order to improve the rank of your site or a particular webpage among the search engine results, and availability of your page in the big-name sites like Google, Yahoo, etc., can prove to be a huge plus point for your business. In addition to these, SEO also helps you improve the reach of a particular page by getting better quality and quantity traffic.

How does a search engine work?

Any search engine in the world, be it or yahoo etc., works in 4 different steps. Each of them is a different step, and each has its own importance in the whole process. So, let’s see each of them separately:-

  1. Crawling: This is the very first step of the SEO technique. In this step, all the pages related to your webpage or website are searched. This specific task is done with the help of a software called “crawler” or a “spider”.
  2. Indexing: After that, indexing of all the related webpages/websites is done, and each of them is stored in a database system. Indexing is particularly searching and identifying each and every keyword and expression which best describes your target webpage/website and later on assigning that webpage/website a specific keyword.
  3. Processing: After getting all the requested pages, the search engine compares your search string with the then stored all the indexed webpages/websites.
  4. Retrieving results: In the end, all the best-matched data is collected and showed and in your browser window.

Significance of SEO in a business

The world is going more and more online with each day we live. Hence, to survive this lighting fast world, SEO is very much important for one’s business. With over 5 billion searches happening each day, it can be easily pointed out the significance of on-page SEO so that each and every page of your business is visible to the whole world easily. In addition to these:-

  • Almost 99% of the internet users nowadays use search engines at least 5 times a day to search their question. And according to a recent research, almost 99.99% of them are likely to click the top 5 links they see after they have searched something. So, getting your webpage in the top 5 links of any search related to your content using on-page SEO not only makes your page visible to the whole world but also brings in more traffic.
  • Search engine optimizing your website is very much beneficial for your social presence. People who click on your website link via Google, Yahoo, etc. are more likely to share your page info on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • SEO is beneficial for your business as it puts you above your competitors. Whenever a search request is there regarding your business-related topic, your page will be above all your competitors because you have optimized your webpage. This not only helps in giving you a better rank in Google searches but also gives your more customers, which in the end increases the sales.
  • Having a better rank in google searches increases the trust factor for your business. It is seen that links which are ranked top in the google searches are trusted more than links that are down below several pages. So, SEO optimization not only increases the quality and quantity of the traffic on your website but also improves the trust factor for your business.

How will SEO help your business?

Since we are digitizing every possible thing in our business, more and more companies are using SEO to boost up their business. Targeting SEO not only helps you get a better rank in the searches, but it also helps you outsmart your competitors because if you don’t, they will overtake you in no time. So, let’s look down and get to know how SEO services can be beneficial for both you and your business:-

Improves the rank
Once you rank your websites in the top 5 searches in google, there is a much higher chance that more traffic will be diverted to your page than before. More traffic is imperative to any budding startup or small-scale businesses.

Creates brand awareness

Visibility of your webpage to the whole world plays a major role in brand awareness. When your webpage is amongst the top 5 searches to the whole world, you not only gain a lot of traffic, but you also gain a lot of popularity because of that. Ranking higher for multiple keywords play a vital role in brand awareness.

More engagement with customers

Doing on-page SEO will improve customer engagement with your webpage. Customer engagement is very much important for a website to improve its services. You not only gain traffic but also get valuable feedback and get more insight into the services you provide how much of it is accepted by the public. Once you start improving your services according to the customers, they will develop a sense of friendliness with you, which will further boost your business.

Better visit to sale conversion rate

This is the ratio between the number of people that visit your webpage and the number of people that actually end up purchasing your services. When your webpage is highly ranked in the search engine results, you are bound to convert more genuine customers towards your website. This not only means that you are increasing the reach of your webpage but also increasing your sales.

Provides better user experience

Initially, every website has a lot of bugs and interfaces that are not so liked by the public. Since Search Engine Optimization helps you get more traffic and getting more traffic means you will get more feedbacks related to your site. Which means you will have more reviews and suggestions to improve your website, which will result in making your website more user friendly.